The founding members of art group The Curiously Minded met in Berlin on a Winter day while it was snowing. Their guiding principle then as now is the experience of trying to just keep healthy and remain curious. Curiously Mind’s initial project was building a cigarette-smoking snowman and to celebrate this initial act as an endless series of jubilees,  the snowman made was preserved per fantasy in parts in diverse refrigerators through out Berlin and then sold off as vodka frothies, tasting of love and winter even on rainy days in other season not so cold.  Since then, Curious Mind has expanded with no name members residing in Berlin, Milano, Warsaw, and Zurich and has produced diverse art objects in the form of  witty games, viewing cards, bedtime stories, and a variety of music pieces for the non professional. All of their work lies outside of the periphery of the art gallery and is free to exchange hands across borders as gifts.


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